Yummy Mummy

Now, I am in no way giving a high opinion myself with the title of Yummy Mummy so please don't roll your eyes at me yet.

It's been a while, a long while, since my last post - things have been hectic lately.
I mean really hectic. ** Warning, this is a bit of a long post! Making up for the lack of posting **

Now between work, home, church, hospital appointments and my delightful pregnancy I have been exhausted!
For those that know me, where I was working went through a restructure which ultimately meant that my whole department was made redundant at the end of October. 
Our temporary and casual staff had all quit to find new secure jobs, and unfortunately their positions were not being filled so the workload had increased for all that were left in the company (three of us at the end).
Fuuuuuuun times :)

Because of this reason Jeremy and I have moved into my mums house, as we will only be on one income after this month, and until baby is born we won't exactly know what I will be entitled too from the Government - so to help reduce some stress, mums house we go! Woo!!

Now I don't want to bore you with all the nitty gritties of our life, nor am I trying to take this opportunity to have a pity party - everything has and is continuing to work out for the best for us.. but I will admit I have been stressed of late.

So, the other day I decided. "That's it. I need a massage."

I needed an hour or so where I could just lie on my stomach (if that was at all possible, gosh I miss doing that) and someone can just massage out all my stresses. I quickly began a Googlin.

Google brought me to Yummy Mummy

A magical place that provides pregnant ladies a place to lie on their stomachs (I know, it's as amazing as it sounds) get oiled up and rubbed down whilst listening to soft tribal like music in a candlelit room that smells like pear and cinnamon. Heaven. 

I drove to Clovelly on Wednesday afternoon, and entered the salon doors. The place was beautiful!
Dimly lit and smelt amazing - I went to the front desk and was greeted by the receptionist. Without skipping a beat she welcomed me in with a big smile and asked the most wonderful thing a pregnant lady could be asked "would you like a glass of water or need to use the bathroom?" YES to both, but maybe bathroom first!
Already I was grateful I had made this decision. After the bathroom, water and filling out a survey about what skin/ pregnancy concerns I was having (dry skin, stretch marks and swelling being my main picks) my masseuse Serena came into the foyer to get me.

I followed her down the corridor do a cute little room that was softly lit by mostly candles and a few lamps scattered around. There was a big bowl of hot water on the floor and she asked me to sit down and place my feet in for a nice soak before we started. I had only paid for a 90 minute massage - I get a foot soak too? AMAZING!

Whilst my feet were soaking Serena ran over my survey... now I didn't fully absorb everything she was saying, as I was more concentrating on how wonderful it felt to have my sore achy feet attended too. I vaguely remember; 
"lot's of yummy oils and creams"
"Geranium, vanilla and rose"
"Facial oils"
"lovely menthol foot wrap for any swelling"
"a delicious bump wrap for that lovely belly of yours - how does that sound?"

Huh? I'm pretty sure I am thrilled with this foot soak so anything you do from now on I. Am. In!

She then left me to get undressed and explained how the table worked - "climb on board and place your precious bump in the big hole in the middle of the table".

It's true!!!! I GET TO LIE ON MY STOMACH!!!! This. Is. AMAZING!

Five minutes later, after I had not so elegantly clambered onto the table, I was being massaged by Serena and could smell the geranium, vanilla and rose that I had briefly caught her saying earlier fill the room.

I went for the 90 minute massage Aroma Massage and boy did I get my monies worth! I had my back, thighs, lower legs, arms, chest, baby bump, swollen feet and face massaged! It was bliss!  

After I had all my aches massaged out Serena let me lie there for about 15 minutes while everything soaked into my skin... I'm not going to lie, I fell asleep. Only to be awakened by myself, because I mayyy have let out a small (it wasn't small) snort of deep relaxation. Thank goodness I woke up because Serena came in soon after. She let me know that once I had dressed there was a cup of tea and a small snack waiting for me in the lounge room to have before I left. I really liked this, as I was feeling a little lightheaded from being so relaxed for that long - it was nice that they ensured your sugar levels returned to normal and you didn't just get rushed out, 'cause I don't know about other preggers out there but if I have been lying down for too long and suddenly get up - I get dizzy! 

So I drank my herbal tea and had my little chocolate marshmallow treat, and once I felt 'back to normal' I went to the reception to pay. Serena also gave me a small present, a little sample of the menthol foot gel to help with swelling (it's still sitting in the fridge waiting for an extra hot day to relieve my puffy feet). Such simple and small touches that made the entire experience, which took much longer than 90 minutes all up, enjoyable and made me feel special and that I wasn't just like any other customer. Just lovely.

So ladies, if you are pregnant (or not, it's not just for heffalumps) and are in dire need of some pampering I can absolutely 100% recommend Yummy Mummy day spa! Or maybe you know of someone who needs one, if you follow the links in this blog you will be able to locate all the gift vouchers that they offer - Christmas is coming up so it may be worth checking out?!

I will definitely be attempting to visit them again before bubba arrives. Although as my due date is Christmas day and there is still so much today, I may have to wait till after the birth.... yikes, how time flies!!

AJ xo



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