We're having a baby!

So when I mentioned in the Good Friday post that there were a few things that I couldn't mention - yup, having a baby was the one I was keeping from you. 

That was the day that I found out, lot's to be thankful for indeed! 

It's a pretty cute kidney bean shape I have to say.... totes not biased. 

It's a pretty cute kidney bean shape I have to say.... totes not biased. 

I've had an easy first trimester. Based on friends who have gone through this, and hearing stories over the years - I've actually been VERY lucky when it comes to morning sickness.

As in, I didn't really have it.

Don't get me wrong, for about four weeks I was feeling pretty nauseous 24/7, I just didn't have any vomiting with it. There were times that I would be in the bathroom repeating to myself "if you're going to vomit just do it already!" Although I have been told, that when you vomit it doesn't actually give you a feeling of relief like when being sick with a virus does. So looking back, I'm glad I didn't have that experience.

I say that with reluctance and with a attitude of gratitude - please don't hit me any other pregnant women! 

So other than being tired aaaaaaaall the time, and my bras not fitting me anymore - yea like I needed them to get bigger - and my jeans feel a little snug at the end of the day, I'm feeling good. 

To be honest, it still has it's moments of not feeling real. I don't have a tummy, and I still feel "normal" (besides the above mentioned symptoms) so I often look at the picture above to remind my self "ohh yea, I'm growing a human!" then I smile and have a little giggle to myself - I'm going to be a mumma, that's really cool. 

AJ xo

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