Introducing Alfie Hugo Buffa!

Alfie was born on Wednesday the 31st of December at 5:40am. 

He weighed in at 4815grams or for those of you that like the old system 10lbs 10oz. He was a long boy and measured at 57cm - when the nurse placed him on my chest she said "congratulations, here is your 3 month old!" He was also loud and would not stop bellowing! The best noise in the world!!
Strangely enough he was also very blue, slightly unexpected, but apparently is normal for larger babies... I do remember thinking in my head "my god, he's a blueberry!"

We waited a few hours before we named him, as Jeremy and I wanted to get to know him first before we chose one of the two names we had picked out.

It wasn't till hours later that we decided on Alfie Hugo Buffa. 

I'll do another post soon about my 'birth story' and I'll go into further detail of where his name came from, how long my labour went and other bits like that. 

But for now here is his official introduction.... 


AJ xo

Amanda Buffa4 Comments