The Great Ocean Road

Good Friday - April 18th 2014

That day was a good day. It was good for many reasons, some that I can share - others that will have to wait before I can reveal what they are, but trust me, it'll be worth the wait! 

So on this day my sister, brother and I decided to drive down the coast and take a little photography journey down the Great Ocean Drive. Could not have picked a better day for it!

We packed a small picnic lunch and armed with our cameras, we made the two hour long journey down south towards Wollongong. When we arrived at our destination we mucked around with the different lenses that I have, and took turns shooting the other two siblings in the shots. 

Once we were happy with the amount of photo's (a good 600 of them), we stopped at a cute little coffee shop/ bar/ restaurant in Thirroul and sat on the cliff edge over looking the ocean. Believe it or not we ended up taking more pictures - but this time on our Iphones and Samsungs. Photo addicts! 

I don't get to spend that much time with my brother and sister now that we have all 'grown up' - so it was a fun day to just hang out the three of us like we used to as kids - slightly different with us driving cars and drinking beer and/ or coffee - but it was still reminiscent of the good old days!


Once we were back in Sydney I went home and spent the rest of the afternoon with my partner Jeremy. We were both in need of the long weekend and were looking forward to spending some quiet time together after a hectic week at work for the both of us. 

As it was Friday, we would usually be getting Jeremy's son that night after work to have on the weekend but seeing as it was the long weekend and we were going to have four days of no work, we organised with Jeremy's ex that she would have him Good Friday and Saturday and we would get him Easter Sunday and Monday. That meant Jeremy was able to get some music done, and I was able to do some study for my interior design course and start creating this blog.

To sum it up, I had a good Good Friday spending time with a few of my loved ones that day. Took some nice photos, had a cute picnic, got to see some beautiful sights down the coast - lot's to be thankful for that day!

AJ xo

Siblings: Children of the same parents, each of whom is normal until they get together
— Sam Levenson