So here it is! The first instalment of "home heart soul" by Bone & Willow. 

We have started with a few of our prints and will release more as the months go by, all pretty things to decorate your home

Further down the track we will be featuring products like fragrances; for you and your home. Think perfumes, candles and reed diffusers all the things that make your heart sing!

We will also be looking after you with cosmetics and skincare, all the things that comfort your soul and well being. 

We will also be adding packages that will have detailed information and descriptions on what we offer to help capture your special moments in life. 

We are very excited and can't wait to show you all what we have hope you like what we have been working on so far!

AJ xo

A3 versions of each print available on request - please email contact@boneandwillow.com with the description of print for pricing.